28 December 2011

Hello beauties! Merry Christmas!

Hello dears!

Merry Christmas to you!  I cannot believe that the New Year is already upon us!  Sooo much to do! So much I wish to accomplish in this coming year!  I know have been away for so long - so many things happened - experiencing loss took a lot of my time and energy... not being able to focus on what I really wanted to work on - feeling like a boat without direction...  Now, that is all over - or, I guess I should say - I am moving slowly, however, surely towards my beauty goals for 2012 =0)

I pray you experienced a blessed time with your loved ones during this beautiful Christmas season!

I am working on uploading my videos - I have had an awful time w my editing software - looking to update it... I WILL have some videos posted within the next week! For sure! =)

May you have a wonderfully, beautiful day!

yours in beauty,

~dee  -xo

09 May 2011

hello beautiful friends...

hello beauties!

I know it has been a bit - I have been busy with sooo much...

I will be updating you on some goodies that I have picked up recently &&&& a link to my new vlog...

please stay tuned...

thanks for tuning in ...

yours in beauty,


08 March 2011

Eyebrows and coffee...

Ugh! So despise this growth phase in an effort to reclaim my once glorious eyebrows...

Now showing: ugly thick strands protruding as they fight their way to lay flat again :/

Why, oh Why, did I thread them??? To be progressive - that's why... hehehe

Anyways, at least I will always have my coffee - that soothes me whilst I shade in the once full areas...

Have a beauty filled day, my friends!

yours in beauty,


07 March 2011

Achieve Glorious Skin by Quitting These…

Achieve Glorious Skin by Quitting These…

-          Stop Smoking:

o   Smoking causes premature aging… smoking asphyxiates the skin – leaving you with a sallow, gray appearance…

-          Stop Skimping on Your Beauty Sleep:

o   Lack of sleep or rest shows up on your skin – circles under your eyes, tired and  / or wrinkled looking appearance.  Without adequate sleep, your body cannot restore and repair itself.  Not only might you live longer, your skin will look much better, too!

-          Biggest Offender:::

o   Picking and or Scratching your face… this is a big No, No… this leads to scarring and or craters in your lovely face… Please, please do not Pick!

-          Going to Sleep with Makeup On:

o   Cleansing will be sure to remove waste excreted throughout the day and any germs and bacteria your face may have come in contact with.  I will admit that I have fallen asleep once or twice with makeup on (Oh, I felt bad).  It did not harm me, thank God!  However, for some it only takes one time to mess up and provoke acne, besides waking up with your eyelashes stuck together J


-          Forgoing Sunscreen:

o   For me, this is No. 1 before any makeup touches my face.  I use a Moisturizer with SPF 30 already in it – so, it goes on lightly.  I know using an SPF directly will sometimes give you the ‘white’ look and I like to stay away from that.  The sun’s rays are so damaging and not only do you leave yourself open to skin cancer, you also leave it open to the attacks of free radicals… (they damage and age skin)

-          Excessive Exfoliation:

o   It is a common misconception that you need to exfoliate every time you wash your face.  On the contrary, too much exfoliation might actually lead to dry, irritated skin.  While regular exfoliation is necessary to reveal, alive, glowing skin – it is probably recommended to limit it to a few times a week.  The goal should be to keep your skin moisturized.


Just some food for thought…

Happy skin is moist skin J


Yours in beauty,


24 February 2011

Threading and Cake!!! :)

As you all know… I LOVE thick eyebrows… I do NOT let anyone touch my eyebrows.  On a whim yesterday, I decided to have them threaded… eek!  My lovely threader, Sama, got thread happy and thinned them out a bit much.  However, I am a good sport and I will shade in where I feel necessary… :s  ~~~ Btw, cake made it all better for about 5 minutes… they surprised me with Freed’s! Yumm!

It is just hair, right? I will let them grow back in – I know my girlfriends out there would absolutely love ‘em, however, I feel naked… hehehe.  G, on the other hand, loves them and so does my boy – he says bushy is not in! What is a girl to do? hmmmpppfff…


yours in beauty,



03 February 2011

Feeling all LUSH...

Have I told you about LUSH? I may have mentioned them briefly in earlier posts, however, let me just brag a a little on them and say – you must head over there and do it fast! J  I first found LUSH about 7-8 years ago in Carmel, CA… when I walked into that fragrant little gem I was pleasantly assaulted with jasmine, coconut, cinnamon, the list goes on.  Anyway, when I came back to Vegas – much to my disappointment we did not have one… LUSH is a refreshing change – they are focused on (can I say) homemade products – a bit of an organic approach to your typical shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, etc.  I have been on a more ‘organic’ approach in my daily living and they truly fit the bill!  I have visited them at least 3 times since November… not a good sign on the pocket – I have been told to stay away from them by Gio… I hide the receipts.  Even though the products may seem a little costly upfront, you will notice with consistent use that a very tiny bit of their product is all that is necessary being that they are so concentrated, therefore, lasting longer than your normal commercial products. 

My favorites right now are:  BIG (Sea Salt / Seaweed & others) it is a shampoo, Trichomania is another shampoo I love – it comes in a solid (soon to be discontinued – hence, my recent visit ;) Had to stock up), UltraBalm is a petroleum free balm for all your dry bits, Mange is a solid body lotion that is also edible (tastes a bit like Chocolate), Sex Bomb is meant for the bath a refreshing change from your normal bubble bath, Mint Julips is my newest conquest – it is a scrub (exfoliator) for the lips… there are too many to list right now as I might embarrass myself with all the goodies I might have to admit to… 

Another plus is that the products I mentioned above will be bought again - they live up to their name and I am happy!  Sharing the love… if you love the natural side of things – do yourself a favor and go check them out! You will not be sorry…

yours in beauty,



11 January 2011

Retin A - To Use or Not to Use... What is your opinion?

Sitting here arguing over::: to Use or not to Use Retin A...

I have to say, when I read article after article speaking how you should not use Retin A if you are looking to conceive, then I have to wonder how safe is it really for you?  I am a huge believer that a more natural approach is the best way to go in handling your acne...  I can, however, understand that there are people even teenagers who are experiencing horrible cases of acne.  I still believe that there has to be a better way... Am I alone here?

On another note... When I hear firsthand from friends and users of Accutane - another ‘skin care’ product that is said to clear up aggressive acne, that their skin has been ravaged by use of this product, again, I have to wonder - What are the long term effects...

What do you think?

yours in beauty,