07 March 2011

Achieve Glorious Skin by Quitting These…

Achieve Glorious Skin by Quitting These…

-          Stop Smoking:

o   Smoking causes premature aging… smoking asphyxiates the skin – leaving you with a sallow, gray appearance…

-          Stop Skimping on Your Beauty Sleep:

o   Lack of sleep or rest shows up on your skin – circles under your eyes, tired and  / or wrinkled looking appearance.  Without adequate sleep, your body cannot restore and repair itself.  Not only might you live longer, your skin will look much better, too!

-          Biggest Offender:::

o   Picking and or Scratching your face… this is a big No, No… this leads to scarring and or craters in your lovely face… Please, please do not Pick!

-          Going to Sleep with Makeup On:

o   Cleansing will be sure to remove waste excreted throughout the day and any germs and bacteria your face may have come in contact with.  I will admit that I have fallen asleep once or twice with makeup on (Oh, I felt bad).  It did not harm me, thank God!  However, for some it only takes one time to mess up and provoke acne, besides waking up with your eyelashes stuck together J


-          Forgoing Sunscreen:

o   For me, this is No. 1 before any makeup touches my face.  I use a Moisturizer with SPF 30 already in it – so, it goes on lightly.  I know using an SPF directly will sometimes give you the ‘white’ look and I like to stay away from that.  The sun’s rays are so damaging and not only do you leave yourself open to skin cancer, you also leave it open to the attacks of free radicals… (they damage and age skin)

-          Excessive Exfoliation:

o   It is a common misconception that you need to exfoliate every time you wash your face.  On the contrary, too much exfoliation might actually lead to dry, irritated skin.  While regular exfoliation is necessary to reveal, alive, glowing skin – it is probably recommended to limit it to a few times a week.  The goal should be to keep your skin moisturized.


Just some food for thought…

Happy skin is moist skin J


Yours in beauty,


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