02 October 2012

#Fall #Nude #Nail Colors!


Loving these Nudes & Browns... So trendy this season...

I am all about these right now...

What trend are you rocking?

Yours in beaute,


13 September 2012

#Nude Crazed! Nude in the fall... sure, why not? ~xo

I am super in love right now!

This may be my new staple... I have always and I mean always been a red girl... what an extreme...

Funny, it feels bold, however, in a subdued way...

Have a super day, loves!

yours in beaute,

~dee  -xo

#Breakfast Meal of Champion #Beautes! ~xo

Good morning loves!

Here to share #ThursdaysThoughts with you!

Beaute is not only skin deep - I always say that what you put in is way more important than what you apply topically =)

Make sure you beautify yourself and your body by nourishing it first thing in the morn!



photo: courtesy of Vitacost


yours in beaute,


~dee  -xo

12 September 2012

Au Naturel on a Rainy Day - Feeling #Nude! ~xo

Good afternoon, loves!

I hope you are having a beautiful day! I wanted to share a little something with you.

Here is a great drug store buy for all of you lovers of the Nude lip…

While I love the Dior Nudes and D & G Nudes… I am always on the lookout for a great buy / bargain…

This L'Oreal lipstick is great! It is called Fairest Nude and I say that you should have this in your makeup arsenal… =)

We have been enduring some rainy days here in Vegas and the best go to look for me – is a baseball cap and very, very low maintenance makeup… here I am below rocking just that… so, if you are on the make for a great nude – look no further… you can pick it up at your local drugstore…

Have a super day,  Beautés!



 Yours in beaute,

~dee  -xo

27 August 2012

#BeauteIcon of the Week: Monica Belluci

#BeauteIcon of the Week: Monica Belluci

Though she is not technically an icon… I strongly believe she deserves the Beaute title!

Give it up for Italian Beaute, Monica!



yours in beaute,

~dee  -xo

19 April 2012

#ThrowbackThursdays – Pintame! ~xo

#ThrowbackThursdays – because I missed Tuesday =)

Amigos!!!  Today’s Throwback will be in Spanish… just because I feel like dancing!

I hope you are having a great day wherever you may be – thank you for tuning in!

Have a super day & an even better evening!



your constant companion,

~deirdra  -xo