24 February 2011

Threading and Cake!!! :)

As you all know… I LOVE thick eyebrows… I do NOT let anyone touch my eyebrows.  On a whim yesterday, I decided to have them threaded… eek!  My lovely threader, Sama, got thread happy and thinned them out a bit much.  However, I am a good sport and I will shade in where I feel necessary… :s  ~~~ Btw, cake made it all better for about 5 minutes… they surprised me with Freed’s! Yumm!

It is just hair, right? I will let them grow back in – I know my girlfriends out there would absolutely love ‘em, however, I feel naked… hehehe.  G, on the other hand, loves them and so does my boy – he says bushy is not in! What is a girl to do? hmmmpppfff…


yours in beauty,



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