28 December 2011

Hello beauties! Merry Christmas!

Hello dears!

Merry Christmas to you!  I cannot believe that the New Year is already upon us!  Sooo much to do! So much I wish to accomplish in this coming year!  I know have been away for so long - so many things happened - experiencing loss took a lot of my time and energy... not being able to focus on what I really wanted to work on - feeling like a boat without direction...  Now, that is all over - or, I guess I should say - I am moving slowly, however, surely towards my beauty goals for 2012 =0)

I pray you experienced a blessed time with your loved ones during this beautiful Christmas season!

I am working on uploading my videos - I have had an awful time w my editing software - looking to update it... I WILL have some videos posted within the next week! For sure! =)

May you have a wonderfully, beautiful day!

yours in beauty,

~dee  -xo

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