11 January 2011

Retin A - To Use or Not to Use... What is your opinion?

Sitting here arguing over::: to Use or not to Use Retin A...

I have to say, when I read article after article speaking how you should not use Retin A if you are looking to conceive, then I have to wonder how safe is it really for you?  I am a huge believer that a more natural approach is the best way to go in handling your acne...  I can, however, understand that there are people even teenagers who are experiencing horrible cases of acne.  I still believe that there has to be a better way... Am I alone here?

On another note... When I hear firsthand from friends and users of Accutane - another ‘skin care’ product that is said to clear up aggressive acne, that their skin has been ravaged by use of this product, again, I have to wonder - What are the long term effects...

What do you think?

yours in beauty,


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