07 December 2010

Sleek Palette Swatch Review...

Swatch Review:

I am loving this palette! It is sooo sweet! In fact, I have ordered two more... I plan on giving them away for Christmas.  Hopefully, I can part with them...

Here they are in all their glory...  I cannot rave enough - they are such a great addition to my or your collection... they are sooo pigmented and such a steal! They are purely mettalic with the exception of the light brown & black one... I paid $10 US dollars plus tax & shipping... a whopping $23.50 US.  This is love!

Sleek - Storm

Velvety soft vibrant colors:
Golds, bronzes, deep purple, cocoa color, rich plum-red, light gold, and granite washes of glorious color.

yours in beauty,


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