22 December 2010

#NYX Palette Review #2 ~ Champagne & Caviar...

NYX Palette Review - Champagne & Caviar
Hello there! Another NYX review for you! :)
Here is one of my frequent looks for work... it is pretty simple and very soft and pretty.  The colors in this palette are mostly shimmery with the exception of the dark brown and black shade.  The colors range from light to darker versions of champagne and pink with the darker colors to accent.  I have used this palette about 8 times so far... so, I guess that means I really enjoy it.  Again, for non-expensive eyeshadow these are pretty good... they go on and blend well.

Here’s my finished look below... I used a pinky blush and nude lip as well. Please ignore the strands of eyebrow hair - need to wax... lolI hope you enjoy it!

yours in beauty,


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