30 August 2010

Beauty Tip No. 7 - Did You Know...

... That Strawberries are full of wonder... wonderful benefits... so many fruits have benefits beyond their taste... however, for now, we will focus on the Strawberry.
~ Strawberries are tasty and have a heavenly fragrance...
~ Strawberries have approximately 200 seeds... (great for exfoliation)
~ Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid... (great for clearing up acne & toning your skin)
~ Strawberries are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants... (which help fight those nasty free radicals)
~ Strawberries are full of Vitamin C - richer than an orange... (can you believe it?!) They are a Power House fruit!

~ Some other vitamin benis from this fruit are: rich in Vitamin K, Folic acid, Potassium, B5 and
many others...

~ Strawberries need not be eaten alone... you may also throw them in your garden salads, martinis (for you ladies or gents), sprinkled fresh over yogurt, and let us not forget Strawberry Shortcake! Yumm! I am thinking of a yummy Strawberry power smoothie myself right about now... Do not like water... well, throw some Strawberries in your water for a spa-like
refreshing drink :)

So, get your daily strawberry fix today!

yours in beauty,


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