11 August 2010

Beauty Tip No. 6 - Did You Know...

…That smoking causes you to have asphyxiated skin? When skin is asphyxiated it is

virtually suffocating. When this happens since you are killing the oxygen that your skin needs to heal, your skin in turn becomes gray and sallow (lacking that beautiful glow that we all seek). With that being said, asphyxiated skin is very hard to treat and heal, if it all…

However, it is never too late to stop… Please, please, if you smoke – stop, Now! (pretty please) Smoking may not only cause lung cancer – it can also have detrimental effects to our

cardiovascular system.

~ There is some good news, though... if you

stop now and believe me - I know that it may be difficult, however, the benefits so out way the negatives... there is a possibility that you may be able to halt any further damage. I have found a few items on the market that promise to help in the healing of this type of skin – one of them being: Anti-Asphyxiation Flash Mask by Rocher. There are some Skin Optimizers out there as well that may assist in bringing back Radiance to your skin.

yours in beauty,


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