20 September 2010

Beauty Tip No. 8 - Did You Know... Microdermabrasion is Fabulous!

... Microdermabrasion offers so many benefits...

When I first started on the beauty scene - I thought my skin is so youthful and clear -why would I need microdermabrasion? It turns out that not only does it smooth out my skin even further it assists with any sun damage that I may have exposed myself to. Now, I am what you call vigilant when it comes to protecting my face from the sun, however, in my youth I would say that I was not always so careful. Here's the skinny (pun intended) on the benis of the lovely deep exfoliation.


- is a skin care treatment that goes much deeper than your normal at home exfoliation
- is a technique that uses tiny rough grains such as crystals or diamond heads to slough off the upper layer of skin: epidermis - it is ridding your face of the 'dead skin'
- is used to stimulate cell turnover (fresh, younger looking skin)
- assists in improving skin tone and helps with any scarring left over from acne and great news: it helps to diminish wrinkles and sun damage - yay!
- is great and effective for all skin types
- is non invasive, therefore, it is virtually painless - sensitivity may occur after service - quickly going away after a day (please use SPF 30 minimum)
- is a great alternative to plastic surgery
- sees best results when done every week for at least 6 treatments
- is becoming popular with men as well

Though there are some products on the market promising do it yourself results, I would advise against it. I suggest seeing an aesthetician and having it done professionally as it is possible to over stimulate and irritate your own skin.

I am getting my second session done this week. I will keep you updated on my results - I will post some pics of the before and after. My skin is very light and clear, however, I too, pick once in a while and I have caused some hyperpigmentation that I wish to clear my face of.

yours in beauty,


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