16 February 2012

#MakeupReview: M•A•C Tenderling

Review: M•A•C Tenderling

So, I bought this a month or so back… I had also purchased the Mineralize Blush in Gentle.

I really, really wanted to like Tenderling, however, it is not working out for me… I am not sure if this happens to you – it appears that the blush is oxidizing… at first I thought it was the brush… I changed it and continued to use it and still the same thing… what a bummer! As you know… anything MAC does not come at a bargain and I am really disappointed that it has turned out to be a lemon… so to speak… on the right is the Tenderling & you can see what I mean – I did clean it up a bit for aesthetic purposes…

The mineral blush, on the other hand, is a success! =)  I really like it a lot!

I have another review to do very soon as I just picked up some other goodies that I need to share!



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